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Electro Mechanics Solutions(EMS)

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What is EMS?

EMS(Electro Mechanics Solutions™*) offers an integrated solution which will meet our customer needs. It is not simply a component solution. It is a completed assembly based on our extensive experience of Mechanical Assemblies, Rotary Components, Electronic Devices and Measuring Components.

Please consider using the new integrated assembly solution service. This approach provides significant advantage to the customer since MinebeaMitsumi deals with a broad range of component design and manufacturing techniques. By combining MinebeaMitsumi components, technology, and experience, we can elegantly and efficiently optimize your system solution.

* "Electro Mechanics Solutions" is a registered trademark in Japan of MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
Its registration number is 5322479.

Proposal of Electro Mechanics Solutions

SOLUTION1. Bearing use parts

Subassembly using Shaft/Gear/Mechanical Parts

For example, do you have a challenging application where you want to use small sized bearings?
MinebeaMitsumi can offer the sub-assembly based on our long term history of being a primary supplier for small sized bearings. MinebeaMitsumi will optimize the size and price specific to customer applications, including the gear, shaft and mechanical parts.

SOLUTION2. Various motor use parts

Custom Units using Shaft / Gear / Belt / Sensor

image:Custom Units using Shaft / Gear / Belt / Sensor

MinebeaMitsumi will propose the optimal motor from our wide variety of motors to match the performance specification (size / torque / speed) desired.
Moreover, MinebeaMitsumi will propose reduced size and higher efficiency solutions for the subassembly. For extremely difficult customer design challenges, MinebeaMitsumi is able to provide custom designed parts.

Custom Assembly using Fan Motor + PCBA + Tray

image:Custom Assembly using Fan Motor + PCBA + Tray

MinebeaMitsumi provides custom Fan Trays which meets customer design requirements. Our unique solutions provide energy savings, maintenance-free operation, and long life. The final solution uses a fan within the tray and including a controller card. MinebeaMitsumi designs/manufactures the controller card so that it is possible to implement cooling redundancy, temperature sensor cooling control and speed control.

SOLUTION3. New Development

New Design Development by combining more than two MinebeaMitsumi parts

Do you have any new development challenges with solutions requiring Bearings, Mechanical parts, Motors, Sensors and Circuits?
Allow MinebeaMitsumi to propose a solution by combining the in-house material from various products.
From early development stage, MinebeaMitsumi will jointly develop customer solutions from prototype to production. All that is required for this valuable service is an NDA.

Demands of Process Reduction / Miniaturization / Increased Efficiency

Do you have a challenging requirement to reduce system costs? ... to reduce power consumption? ... to increase lifetime? MinebeaMitsumi can help. By utilizing our design experience and wide variety of high performance components, we can help you achieve your goals.

Product Example

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Home ... Electro Mechanics Solutions(EMS)... What is EMS?