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Pressure sensor


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Using Silicon On Sapphire technology or strain gage, these high-accurate and prolonged stability-type pressure sensors are sensors that measure pressure as electric signals. Connect to various measuring devices for measurement purposes, the sensors perform displaying, recording, controlling, monitoring the pressure, etc. Silicon On sapphire (SOS) technology is the one on sapphire (Al2O3 single crystal) substrate to have in the crystal growth (epitaxial growth), and to process to the silicon semiconductor and to form the strain gage as for the silicon thin film. An excellent pressure sensor in stability is achieved with this semiconductor strain gage and the spphire substrate (diaphragm of the pressure sensor) because it unites by the atomic level.

  • High accuracy
    The sapphire, the material of the diaphragm, is aluminum oxide single crystal, and the response is high, and it is extremely excellent in the linearity and the hyssteresis property.
  • High reliability
    Because the silicon semiconductor strain gage unites the atom with the sapphire substrate, the stable characteristic and the high level of trust are extremely kept. As the overload performance on the negative pressure side is maintained at the same level as the positive pressure side, the coupling pressure of hifh accuracy can be measured.
  • High thermostability
    As for the sapphire substrate in SOS technology, that in itself is a high insulator, and use as the sensor is possible under the high temperature environment of 350 degree C.
  • Hydrogen gas adaptability
    The sapphire excels in the hydrogen gas adaptability, and solves the problem of penetration and embrittlement.


  • Oil pressure management of construction machine.
  • Monitoring of internal pressure of pipe in small place, etc.
  • Quality control of gas charging contatiner.
  • Refrigerant pressure monitoring of air conditioning system, etc.
  • The size, shape, and the specification accuracy, etc., can correspond according to the usage. It has been widely used including the hot composition as a sensor.

Body Type

  • SOS based pressure transmitter with internal amplifier :
    NS100A, NS115P, NS115
  • SOS based pressure transducer :
    NS10T, NS30T
  • Strain gage based pressure transmitter with internal amplifier :
    PRN01, PRN02, PRN03
  • Strain gage based pressure transducer :

Technical Description

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Home ... Product Category... Measuring Components... Pressure sensor