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Strain gage


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Strain gages consist of a very fine and thin metallic foil etched in a grid pattern, which is bonded to a device and used to measure the strain, or amount of deformation of the device when load or pressure is applied. The resulting electrical output is proportional to the strain. Because these strain gages are so small that they are negligible in mass, they excel in sensitivity, stability and fatigue with no inertial effect. They are also an easy-to-handle device, whose operating temperature range is wide. All kinds can be used to measure with the self-temperature compensation for all materials with various thermal expansion coefficients to be measured, regardless of metal or plastic.


  • Various load cells
  • Static strain measurement for civil engineering, and so on.
  • Dynamic strain measurement for shock inspection, and so on.
  • Endurance test and measurement of various materials.

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Home ... Product Category... Measuring Components... Strain gage