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Smart City Solutions

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What is Smart City Solutions

Energy saving by dimming. We are realizing our Smart City Solutions start with high quality wireless-controlled streetlights installation.

  1. High quality streetlight
    10 year lasting high quality product
  2. Energy saving
    90% energy saving* by highly efficient power / LED and wireless dimming control
    * Comparing to typical HID Mercury streetlights with the same rated luminous flux
  3. Future Expandability
    Network / device management platform along with the roads all across the city

1.High quality Streetlight - Secure capital expense -

We offer over 10 yers long-lasting designed streetlights.
It's not just because we use LED for it, protections from the possible damages were the key. Find various countermeasures against possible mechanical and electrical degradation below.

iImage : High quality  Streetlight

2. Energy Saving - Reduce operational expence -

Compare to mercury lamp (350W), just about 90% energy reduction has been achieved by LED itself plus wireless dimming control technology.

iImage : Wattage Consumption

* Actual measured value in Cambodia by MinebeaMitsumi (at 1kWh=0.1925 USD)

iImage : Example of dimming pattern of a day

3. Future Expandability - Deploy network platform for IoT -

MinebeaMitsumi network platform can be expanded to various IoT sensors.
The centralized system management capability reduces the maintenance cost.

Image : Future Expandability

*Smart Meter and its apps : Collaboration with EDMI / Osaki Electric Co.Ltd.
** Paradox Engineering : A MinebeaMitsumi group company

Benefit by Smart City
Device / Sensor Beneficiary Business model
Streetlight City / Land owner
  • Electricity cost saving by dimming
Smart meter Electric power company
  • Peak usage management by visualizing consumption and collaboration using SMS
  • Avoid illegal tapping, remote shutdown
Camera Resident / Tenant
  • Improvement of area security
City / Land owner
  • Remote traffic / Accident management
Parking Driver / Shop
  • Reduce time to find parking place
  • Charge by smartphone for easy payment
Environment Tourist / Logistics / Agriculture
  • Very local weather forecast / Monitoring and countermeasure

Various in-house sensors for future expansion

We will be able to offer various in-house sensors. For example..

  • Enviromental sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Camera module sensors

Service and Case History

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Home ... Smart City Solutions... What is Smart City Solutions