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Service and Case


We provide the operation maintenance and train services as well as devices delivery and technical support of network.
Centralized system management will make you notify anomaly at earlier stage and reduce its maintenance cost and claims.

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Our Smart City Solutions has been successfully operated worldwide for multiple years.

  • Cambodia (Phnompenh, Siem Reap)
  • USA (San Leandro)
  • Switzerland (Chiasso)
  • Spain (Gijon)
  • Italy (Siracusa)
Case in Cambodia
  • Instration of MinebeaMitsumi LED streetlights
    • Approximately 2,000 streetlights in Phnom Penh
    • Approximately 3,500 streetlights in Siem Reap City near the Angkor Wat
  • Central controled dimming and monitoring service
  • Smart meters
  • LED streetlights + Cameras

image : Case in Cambodia

What is MinebeaMitsumi Smart City?

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Home ... Smart City Solutions... Service and Case